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The smart way to manage your Download/Members area



A Perl Server application which allows you to establish and manage a Client/User download area on a Website. Files are only accessible by users with the correct username/password combinations. Each download can be enabled on a per-user-per-file basis for a preset period of time.

This product is particularly suited for applications where a number of files are available for download by a number of different Clients/Users in any combinations. You can effectively use WebAuth for the following types of applications:

  • To sell software from your website,
  • If you want to give certain people access to different files for a varying periods of time,
  • To keep a log of who has downloaded which files from your site,
  • Manage any type of members download area from a web server,
  • Establish and Manage a Multi-category Mailing list.


Product Highlights

Admin Interface

  • Menu driven from any Internet Browser,
  • List, Add, Modify, Delete Clients/Users,
  • List, Add, Modify, Delete Downloadable files or Software,
  • Powerful yet simple interface for managing the mapping of downloads to Clients/Users,
  • Password protect files and issue passwords/usernames to users on a per user basis,
  • Timed Downloads on a per user, per file basis,
  • Unlimited Categories of downloads (e.g. different download files),
  • Powerful Mailing list with many features:
    • Send mail by Category, any mix of Categories or to everyone,
    • Editable Mailing List templates,
    • Send Mail as plain text or HTML,
    • Scripting built into Email templates allowing the use of keywords for multiple users.

Client Interface

  • Clean, really simple (KISS) Client/User interface,
  • Lost Password email,
  • Logging of all Client/User activity,
  • Pre-filled in form with comments field if customer experiences a download problem.
  • Additional Mailing list(s) subscription from Client/User download page.


Server Requirements
  • A *NIX server (Linux, UNIX etc) with Perl 5.000 or later installed,
  • Access to your cgi-bin directory,
  • A small amount of hard drive space on your server,
Screen Shots

Client Interface
Admin Interface


$46.00 including installation



Will easily cope with 50,000 users/Clients and 500 or more different download files. Actual maximum parameters will depend on the server.

What our customers have to say...

  • I just downloaded the file. Appreciate the great customer service!! - Todd
  • THANKS FOR ALL THE HELP. PHEW. Your site is great. I'll be sure to return for more webmaster tools in the future - Andy
  • Thanks for all your help! - David.
  • For the money I paid I really expected far less. This is amazing for only $18! - Ivan.
  • Wow! :-) that was fast - thanks a lot! - Stefan.


This software requires you  at least know how to use, and have a basic working knowledge of the following:
  • UNIX file and directory rights,
  • .htaccess files
  • The different file transfer modes for FTP
How to Download


To download, log into our WebAuth download manager with the following:

User Name:

Password: spudmonkey

Click here to Download

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