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Do you get hundreds or even thousands of Spam emails every year simply because you have your email address on your Website? Had enough? SpamBotPoison will try to solve that for you by feeding the spammers email harvester with thousands of believable but totally useless email addresses.

SpamBotPoison aka SBP is an automated spam-poisoner. It feeds realistic and enticing, but totally useless email addresses data to wandering email address harvesters such as Cherry Picker, EmailSiphon etc. The idea is to contaminate the spammers databases in such a way as to render it useless. At the very minimum it hopes to ensure that at least all the email addresses illegally harvested from YOUR website will need to be trashed. All email addresses are RCF822 complaint - they are just not deliverable :)

  • All email addresses fully RCF822 compliant,
  • Generate as many or as few email addresses as you want,
  • Email addresses can be HTML or plain text,
  • Highly configurable to make SpamBotPoison difficult as possible to detect.
Server Requirements:
  • A *NIX server (Linux, UNIX etc) with Perl 5.000 or later installed,
  • Access to your cgi-bin directory,
  • A tine amount of server space.
Online Demo:

See the output generated by SBP - Each time you refresh the page you get e new list of email addresses.

How much?:
  • SpamBotPoison Lite is FREEWARE
  • Email help as well as online help at the Forum is offered.
  • Installation instructions are in the Download file.
  • An installation service is also available at $28-00 if you need us to do it for you.
To download, log into our WebAuth download manager with the following:

User Name:

Password: spudmonkey

Click here to Download

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