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Description and download link POP Server Diagnostic Tool
If you are a Webmaster, Network Administrator or Software developer then you will most likely find this tool invaluable. You can establish a TCP connection to any server (Domain Name or IP address) and then execute all the mail POP commands, one at a time, to see the server response.

One of the most helpful applications of this utility is to examine raw mail headers. This is particularly useful if you are writing server-side mail sending software.

Click here for a Screenshot.

  • Built in POP commands include things like USER, PASS, STAT, DELE, RETR, LIST n, UDIL n and TOP nn.
  • Drop down boxes allow you to easily remember your usernames and passwords (handy for Administrators)
  • "Send Direct" allows for special commands
  • Use any port you like (for Software development this is handy)
  • All passwords, usernames and host names stored in encrypted format and password protected

OS Supported

Software Status Download Link
Win 95,98,ME, 2000, and Windows XP Beta Download POP Diag
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